Catherine Macleod



Catherine has been making clay sculpture since completing her degree course in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art in 1998...


She imediately set up studio with five others, at The Arches in Peckham, showing and selling her work through regular open studio events, group shows, craft fairs and galleries. Now working from a studio in Nunhead, she divides her time between teaching art, her own practise and looking after her new son,


Her sculpture has been mainly figurative and focused on the female form, they often have exaggerated proportions, large feet and elongated legs blending up into smaller torsos; giving a feeling of elegance and strength. The large feet have much significance and are often decorated on the soles with some pattern, which may not be imediately visible.

A lot of the figures are holding binoculars and peering into the distance, they could be looking out to sea, they could be looking out for somebody. Or illustrating the human need to keep looking, questioning and searching for answers, reasons or some kind of fulfillment.

Searching, seeking and calling have been common themes in Catherine's work as it continues to fascinate her.

Her sculptures vary in size, from small shelf sitters to larger tall standing figures, perfect for interior spaces. They are all hand build out of crank clay and fired high with stoneware glazes, so will also live happily outside. The dark glazed surface give the illussion that some of the work is made out of metal or bronze, but with some small areas of detail, masked out stripes or added colour or pattern from decals.




Exhibitions and Galleries

The Buisness Design Centre.

Smith's Gallery, Covent Garden.

The Red Dot Gallery, Wandsworth.

Durlston Manor, Camberwell.

Karen Taylor Contemporary Arts, Twickenham.

The Bigger Picture Gallery.

The Chapel, Asylum road, Peckham.

Store Street Gallery, Bloomsbury.

Hide Gallery, Bermondsey.

Jags Art Fair. Dulwich.

Dulwich Open House Festival.

Henry Paddon Contemporary Arts. Eastbourne.

Two Kats and a Cow Gallery. Brighton.





















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