Catherine first used clay on her foundation course and knew immediately that she loved the material. After an unconventional upbringing and an interest in art, choosing to go to art college was the easiest decision she ever made. Things didn’t go in a straight line, but five years later she began a part time ceramics course at city lit and from there, went on to complete a degree in ceramics at Camberwell College of Art in 1998.


The same year she set up a studio with five others, at The Arches in Peckham, south London and began making and showing her work. She worked for many other artists during this time too, learning new techniques and practices. A few months working for Anthony Gormley at his Peckham studios, proved a huge eye opener.


She also trained as an art teacher and worked for 15 years as a part time tutor while continuing her own work. But it needed more time and she left teaching a few years ago to focus properly on her own work. Now working from a studio in Nunhead, as a full-time artist,


It was during her time at Camberwell that she began focusing on the female form. Having always loved anatomy, biology and life drawing, she felt compelled to build the figure. The figures have exaggerating proportions, playfully large feet and elongated legs blend up into smaller torsos; giving a feeling of elegance and power. Celebrating the strength of the female. There is a strong narrative about a journey and looking for direction and the large feet have much significance, they are decorated on the soles, all though that’s not immediately visible.

Some of the figures are holding binoculars and peering into the distance, they could be looking out to sea, looking for person.  Or illustrating the human need to keep looking, learning, questioning and searching. Theses have been familiar themes throughout her work.

Her sculptures vary in size, from small shelf sitters to larger tall standing figures. They are all hand build out of crank clay and fired high with stoneware glazes. Her work sells through five galleries and she is preparing for “Art & York” in October 2020.