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 Choosing to go to art college was a very clear choice, having loved art at school, along with biology and sport. I first touched clay, on my foundation course and became interested in working three dimensionally. So I set off for a degree course, in 3d design, but left after the first year. Five years later I found a part time ceramics course at City Lit , a 2 day a week diploma, which was fantastic and  got me back on track. From there, I went on to complete a degree in ceramics at Camberwell College of Art, graduating in 1998.


Catherine set up a studio with five others, in The Arches in Peckham, south London and began to make and show her work. She worked for many other artists during this time, learning new techniques and practices, among them: Oriel Harwood and  Anthony Gormley. She also trained as an art teacher in 2002 , with a PGCE in secondary art teaching , she then taught for 15 years along side continuing with her own work. She is now a full time artist focused on her own career.

I had an interest in anatomy and how the body works and had regularly practised life drawing, even before my foundation course.  This developed further during my time at Camberwell, where I built a figure for the first time. I started focusing on the female form. Played with proportions: making big exaggerated feet and extended the legs. This created tall elegant forms but with a sense of power. 

200910_Catherine LcLeod2268.jpg

 Catherine 's work celebrates the human form, but there is also a strong narrative about  journey and looking for direction.  The large feet with power and strength and the binoculars peering into the distance, looking, learning, questioning , focusing and searching.

Her sculptures vary in size, from small shelf sitters to larger tall standing figures. They are all hand build out of crank clay and fired high with stoneware glazes. Usually with earthy coloured glazes like: the rusty sparkly lithium (SR),  the feet are often decorated with red decals. Her work sells through galleries, art fairs, open studios and on line.

Current stockist and Galleries

Will & Yates

104-106 High street


01304 374700

Art Dog London

23 Brockley rise.

London SE23.

07093 194 591

Byard Art Gallery.

14 Kings Parade


01223 464646

West End House Gallery. 


01233 770261

Two Kats and a Cow.

167 Kings Rd Arches.


01273 776 746

Henry Paddon Art Gallery

113 South Street


01323 411887

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